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GPSmapper and GPSgrabber 2.3

GPSmapper and GPSgrabber 2.3

GPSmapper and GPSgrabber Publisher's Description

Generate detailed maps using PDA with GPS

GPSgrabber will allow you to use your PDA with GPS as a datalogger to collect GPS co-ordinates and save them in specific database files. The GPS co-ordinates can then be transferred via serial interface cable to a desktop application called GPSmapper that will allow you to display the data as a map on your PC. When you buy, you get both the desktop GPSmapper and GPSgrabber as one package.

The purpose for this application is to give an easy to use GIS solution to people that do not need the sophistication offered by more conventional GIS applications.

Features of GPSgrabber

  • Interfaces directly with most standard NMEA enabled GPS devices.
  • Distinguishes between Markers (used to save point data), Tracks (used to save line data such a fences or rivers), and Areas (used to save area data that will indicate acreage on the map)
  • Each marker, track or area is identified by its own name, which will be displayed on the final map.
  • You can save as many markers, tracks and areas as your available device memory will allow. (* restricted for demo version)
  • You can delete individual markers, tracks or areas from memory, or delete all simultaneously.
  • Synchronisation with desktop PC via serial cable (standard Hotsync cable can be used)

    GPSmapper - the easy and inexpensive GIS solution

    • Load a list of geodic latitude and longitude points from a file and plot this as a map.
    • Interface with GPSgrabber to download GPSdata from a Palm device.
    • Display a scanned map image or aerial photograph in JPEG, GIF or bitmap format
    • Calibrate map image by entering the logitude and latiude for any two points on the map
    • Display geodic latitude and longitude for any point on the map as you move your cursor around.
    • Calculate acreage simply by selecting the area on the map with your mouse.
    • Calculate mileage by just clicking all along the road you wish to measure
    • Calculate distance and heading between points on a map by simply clicking on both points
    • Create text based vector files of any part of the map.
    • Import text based vector files and display them on top of your map image.
    • Handle geodic data in different formats like ddd.dddd, dd mm.mmmm or dd mm ss.ssss.
    • Acreage can be shown as Acres, Hectare, Morgen, Sq Feet, Sq Yard, Sq Metre, Sq Mile or Sq Km
    • Distances can in meters, feet, miles, nautical miles or kilometres
    • Can convert GPSacreage PDB files into ascii text format. This means that you can also use GPSacreage a data collector.


    • Precision agriculture
    • Planning of hiking, cycling or off-road trips
    • Locating Geocashes
    • Estate agents can use it to plot the outline of a real estate on a map
    • Amateur surveying tasks
    • Creating maps of unchartered areas

    Import and export ESRI Shapefiles

    GPSmapper now also includes a free program called Mapper2Shape that allows you convert GPSmapper text files (CSV) to ESRI Shapefile format. It can also convert shapefiles into text file format that GPSmapper can import. The shapefile utility actually exports three files namely *.shp (shapefile itself), *.dbf (database file) and *.shx (index file). The reason for three files is to maintain compatibility with most GIS application that require all three these files before it can import a shapefile.

    Other GPS Related software by the same author

    NavCalc - Navigational Calculator to do calculate distance and heading between waypoint. This application can also calculate the coordinates of a second or third point if certain parameters of the other two are already know.

    GPScalc - GPScalc is a calculator to convert between geodic longitude and latitude to UTM eastings and northings and to calculate distance and headings between waypoints with great accuracy.

    GPS Acreage - Use your Palm and a GPS to do surveying (calculate surface area for real estate of any shape of size). If you have a serial connection between your NMEA enabled GPS and your PDA, then it will automatically log readings from the GPS unit. Otherwise you can also manually enter the cooridinates of corner points.

    GPSmapper - Use your Palm and a GPS to do draw detailed maps. GPSgrabber lets you collect GPS data on your PDA, and GPSmapper lets you display this data as a map on your PC.

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